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The Final Score

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Unshaped Form "The Fall"
Cameron Doyle

Unshaped Form "The Fall"

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Unshaped Form "The Fall"

Lioba Petrie live at NLS Conference 2016

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Unshaped Form

The Final Score 
New Album from Unshaped Form. Recorded in Loft Studios Dublin

Recorded Produced and Mixed by Cameron Doyle

Mastered by Stephen Shannon

Additional Recording by Stephen Shannon, Sean Hurley and Ryan Taylor Doyle

All instrumentation by Cameron Doyle and Lioba Petrie 

Additional Musicians:

Richard McCoullogh Piano

Sean Hurley Bass on "All things considered"

James Mackin Drums

Isabelle Doyle Piano

Catherine Humphreys Violin

Abigail Smith Viola

String arraignments by Lioba Petrie and Cameron Doyle

Unshaped Form is comprised of accomplished musicians Cameron Doyle and Lioba Petrie. Borne from Dublin music collective 3epkano, Drawing on their vast experience in composing alternative soundtracks to silent movies, Unshaped Form use exciting new palettes of sound, alongside more traditional instrumentation, to create stunning sonic landscapes.  

Cameron Doyle (co-founder of 3epkano) is a master of sound design and uses his guitar, synthesizers and his voice to create textures that are as haunting as they are uplifting.  He cut his teeth as a sound engineer in the world famous Windmill Lane Recording Studios where he worked with acts such as U2, Van Morrison, Sinead O’Connor, The Chieftains and legendary composer Elmer Bernstein.  Cameron also composes for contemporary Irish film including award winning short films ‘Runners’ and ‘Somewhere Down The Line’.

Using her cello, loop pedal and voice in unconventional ways, Dublin-born Lioba Petrie brings a unique contemporary music influence to Unshaped Form.  She is an active chamber musician and has studied at Dublin’s Conservatory of Music and Drama; NUI Maynooth; the Berklee College of Music (Boston); and with cellist Erik Friedlander in New York.

Both as Unshaped Form and previously as part of 3epkano, Cameron and Lioba have produced and performed original soundtracks for silent and avant-garde cinema in Ireland, Europe and the US to great critical acclaim.  They are currently working on a live performance soundtrack for the Emmy award winning documentary 'The Farthest'.

Unshaped Form's debut album, ‘The Final Score', is steeped in the band's love of contemporary cinema - the music feels like it could be inspired by films of the past, while creating a soundtrack for films yet to be imagined.  It was recorded and produced by Cameron Doyle at the Loft Studios Dublin and was mastered by the Stephen Shannon.

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